June 29, 2011

six weeks

El Silencio Lodge, Costa Rica
 I hope you understand if my postings are sparing.  The invitations are out and it's so soon, so soon.  Joe and I are looking forward to celebrating with our favorite people in the world.  And to being married.  And to ten days in Costa Rica.  Mmm.  See you soon friends!

June 10, 2011

June 2, 2011

insert Clockwork Orange pun here

The day a new Martha Stewart Weddings issue arrives in my mailbox is a very exciting day.  I usually pick an evening to devote to reading it; this time it was last night. (Then I fell asleep at 9:00 pm, mhm). Well what a fun surprise to see a lovely Martha's Vineyard real wedding of the daughter of actor Malcolm McDowell.  He has a special place in my heart grown out of a friendship with my close friend (and bridesmaid) Rachel, and a love of the cult classic film, A Clockwork Orange.  Celebration of Malcolm McDowell aside, the wedding is really very pretty and I enjoy the rack of postcards used as escort cards among the many other sweet crafted details.  Check out the full wedding on the Martha Stewart Weddings website.