May 20, 2011

to do illustrated

 From top left to right: Alisa* (1), Carina Romano of Love Me Do (2), Brian Finke (3), photographer K* (3), Carrie Marill (4), Grant Ernhart (5)

1. Groom and groomsmen attire
2. Bride and bridesmaid accessories
3. Hair and make-up
4. Decor, decor, decor and all the details that follow
5. Book charming, private B&B for wedding night

From top left to right: Amy Oliver (9), Timex for J.Crew (8), Carrie Marill (6), Our Labor of Love via 100 Layer Cake (10), Betsy Dunlap for Blackbird Letterpress (7)

6. Hire florist
7. Invitations
8. Schedule meetings with numerous vendors
9. Book honeymoon accommodations
10. Make arrangements for church ceremony
* Sources lost or unknown, please feel free to share information if known

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