January 4, 2011

invites II

via ffffound!

Rifle Paper Co.

Mr. Boddington Studio
I want to make our wedding invitations.  Like I made our engagement invitations, but this time I won't go to Kinkos for printing.  If I could afford really nice invitations from a letterpress studio, I might go that route, yes.  There are some lovely invitation suites out there.  I love Mr. Boddington's vintage wallpaper lined envelopes and handsome typography, and Rifle Paper Co. would make a seriously perfect announcement for a floral Terrain wedding.  Then there's the nautical invite I found on ffffound!.. or ffffound! found...  I love it so.  I could share more, but those are my top faves.  I can't really say my invitations will look anything like any of these, and they are all quite different, but dreams are dreams.

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  1. So many pretty options! I've always though a custom invite from Rifle would be perfect for a Terrain wedding!