January 24, 2011

January 14, 2011


In our decision to have a local wedding, we didn't want to forgo the feeling of a weekend getaway that you benefit from in having destination wedding.  And so...

1. Eclectic English rehearsal dinner (Friday)
2. Tubing and picnic on the Brandywine River (Sunday)

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January 13, 2011




Have I told you that my fiance is a seriously talented painter?  He is, he is!  Check out his website!  Like many artists, he has to balance painting with part time work to support himself.  He works two jobs and dedicates himself to art-making on his days off.  His passion and hard work are inspiring.  We're rolling into to February (can you believe it?) which means that Joe's annual solo show is coming up at Artist's House!  For those of you in the Philadelphia area, come check out his new work on first Friday, 2/4/11! 

January 7, 2011


Wooden cake pedestals by Herriott Grace

Tall cake with flags!  I want several of these at our wedding in place of the traditional tiered wedding cake.  And!  I have two very skilled bakers (family and friends of course) who have agreed to make them!  Apparently the serving logistics of such a tall cake are no match for my friend Sarah who was a head pastry chef in her previous life, which I was quite pleased to hear.  Also, what fun is it to pick out more than one type of cake?  I'm thinking chocolate, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and possibly some kind of lemon concoction?  I love lemon.  And chocolate and carrot cake.  Mm, I want a cupcake.

January 4, 2011


Happy New Year !!! 

Tiara Mia via Oh Joy!

Youngna Park
 Some vibrant colors from my inspirations folder for you.

copy cat

Someone else likes that invite from ffffound! too I see!!!  Which is really funny because I too have contemplated being a copy cat.  I love the white mark making on colored paper.  Found on 100 Layer Cake.

invites II

via ffffound!

Rifle Paper Co.

Mr. Boddington Studio
I want to make our wedding invitations.  Like I made our engagement invitations, but this time I won't go to Kinkos for printing.  If I could afford really nice invitations from a letterpress studio, I might go that route, yes.  There are some lovely invitation suites out there.  I love Mr. Boddington's vintage wallpaper lined envelopes and handsome typography, and Rifle Paper Co. would make a seriously perfect announcement for a floral Terrain wedding.  Then there's the nautical invite I found on ffffound!.. or ffffound! found...  I love it so.  I could share more, but those are my top faves.  I can't really say my invitations will look anything like any of these, and they are all quite different, but dreams are dreams.