November 26, 2010


Rome was a particularly special place to get engaged as I studied there in college for a semester and it was my first time revisiting.  While abroad I made a wonderful group of friends.  We've kept in touch remarkably well and I feel like I've grown closer to many of them since we left Italy, and I think that's pretty cool.  We've grown up a lot since 2004.  Once big time partiers, now mothers and soon-to-be-wives; our reunions usually revolve around the beach.  

Coincidentally, three of us are currently engaged.  In fact, Lindsay and I got engaged within three days of each other; the difference between us being that she planned her entire wedding already while I'm still playing catch-up with my 9-12 month wedding to-do check list.  As it stands we are all getting married within a five week period.  I'm so excited for everyone's big day, but also bummed because it will certainly be challenging for all of us to attend each other's weddings, especially since they all require travel.  Lindsay is getting married in Nantucket and Jen in the Berkshires, dream!  They will both without a doubt have beautiful wedding celebrations and I will keep my fingers crossed that I can attend. 

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