October 21, 2010


Joe says my dreams are going to take us far.  I have a lot of dreams and I daydream a lot.  Like many girls, I started dreaming about my wedding several years ago.  I envisioned the aesthetics mostly, at times which I discussed incessantly to my younger sister's chagrin.  (Sorry K.C.)  Then, four years ago, I got a desk job. When you sit in an office with gray walls day in and day out, it's hard not to be inspired by what you find on the Internet thanks to people like KathrynJoy and Max where visual delights and clever wedding ideas are abound.  

image by max wanger

I started collecting.  My "Wedding Research" Google doc features found Internet resources (7 pages and counting) on the subject of wedding planning and it began way before I ever got engaged.  Embarrassing, maybe, but I feel very studious to have prepared for this moment so thoroughly.  

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