December 21, 2010

terrain wedding

The beautiful Terrain wedding of Elizabeth Nettles of Peacock Feather Events, photographed by Heidi from Our Labor of Love; (one of my all time favorite wedding photographers).  


Our Labor of Love via Once Wed

December 13, 2010

bridesmaid dresses

Hello.  Today I'm thinking about my bridesmaid dresses.  

Photo by Max Wanger
And J.Crew


December 9, 2010

stop silly brain

My brain is thinking too much about the following:
1. Registry
2. Wedding websites

Chantal Michel

December 6, 2010

November 26, 2010


Rome was a particularly special place to get engaged as I studied there in college for a semester and it was my first time revisiting.  While abroad I made a wonderful group of friends.  We've kept in touch remarkably well and I feel like I've grown closer to many of them since we left Italy, and I think that's pretty cool.  We've grown up a lot since 2004.  Once big time partiers, now mothers and soon-to-be-wives; our reunions usually revolve around the beach.  

Coincidentally, three of us are currently engaged.  In fact, Lindsay and I got engaged within three days of each other; the difference between us being that she planned her entire wedding already while I'm still playing catch-up with my 9-12 month wedding to-do check list.  As it stands we are all getting married within a five week period.  I'm so excited for everyone's big day, but also bummed because it will certainly be challenging for all of us to attend each other's weddings, especially since they all require travel.  Lindsay is getting married in Nantucket and Jen in the Berkshires, dream!  They will both without a doubt have beautiful wedding celebrations and I will keep my fingers crossed that I can attend. 

November 18, 2010


A formal request via Blackbird Letterpress' amazing diecut bear cards.

Despite previous mention of sisters, I'm actually an only child.  I had as many cats as people in my house growing up, but no siblings.  It could be lonely at times; (flashback to Meryl tending to cats wearing dresses in baby strollers), but what I lacked in blood relatives, I made up for in my friends and neighbors.  We take these roles of fake-family very seriously, and so I am blessed to have some really special friends. 

November 17, 2010


I made my best friend a chuppah for her wedding.  My inspiration came directly from a bride/poet/book artist named Jennifer Borges Foster who's wedding was photographed and featured on the blog of One Love Photo, and her woven creation from a heddle loom.
One Love Photo
I contacted Jennifer and then the Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers in search of a loom and instructor.  Before long, I was spending much of my free time weaving on a Parisian loom under the mentorship of Maryanne, a fibers artists and president of PGHW, in her home basement studio.  Like Jennifer, this was my first experience with loom weaving.

The hard work and long hours were well worth it.  The weaving became a chuppah in the summer of 2010. 

All wedding photos by Shai Eynov
We hope to use it again this summer for our wedding at my friend's generous offer!

November 16, 2010


Katie Stoops New York engagement photo shoot give away.  We're in the running!  Vote here by leaving a comment.  Thanks! 

Update: We got it!

November 11, 2010